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Common Pests

Image by Yunu Dinata


Mice are one of the more common rodent pest both homeowners and business owners have to deal with. Mice infestations can be dealt with through proper trap and bait usage and education.


Rats are very prevalent in Baltimore City and require regular baiting and trapping in order to eradicate successfully. Additional home improvement services may be needed to prevent future infestations if possible.

Image by Brett Jordan
german roach.jpg

German Roaches

No more than 1 inch in size these species of roaches are very difficult to eradicate. A mixture of both residual pesticide treatment and baiting is necessary to cut down a well established population

Water Bugs

Water bugs are sometimes known as American or Oriental Roaches. Most residual sprays are enough to keep these types of roaches out.

american roach_edited.jpg


Treatment for termites involves creating a chemical barrier in the soil around the home.


Most ant species can be dealth with through regular residual sprays and baiting. Prevention of infestation involves not leaving easily accessible food (especially sugary drinks and snacks) out.

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